Why Realtors Should Use Social Media Marketing

Realtor marketing tactics have evolved over the past several years just like they have in other industries. One tools that Real Estate Agent Marketing shouldn’t overlook is social media and real estate CRM when it comes to marketing their homes for sale or marketing themselves in the search for new clients. Why is social media such a great tool for marketing?

Social Media is the Digital Form of Direct Mail Marketing

Social media enables you to send targeted content to your followers and anyone else who may be interested in what you have to say. However, it can be cheaper to send because you don’t need mail or stamps. Instead, you simply create the message and send it out. Even if you opt for paid social media advertising, it is still much cheaper to do so online compared to the cost of an actual mailer.

The Other Benefits of Social Compared to Direct Mail Marketing

When you send something through the mail, you don’t know what the end result of that communication was. It is possible that a homeowner or apartment dweller sees your correspondence as nothing more than junk mail and throws it away. It is also possible that this person takes note of it and makes an appointment. When you advertise online, you know exactly how people are engaging with your content, which helps to refine your message and spend less marketing to people who aren’t engaging at all.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Can Be a Collaborative Effort

The internet is a wonderful place where buyers, sellers and agents can work together to meet everyone’s needs. For instance, a buyer can ask another buyer or seller for a referral or the agent him or herself can contact a buyer or seller to offer his or her services. Those who have bought or sold a house recently may even recommend an agent to another buyer or seller or share their experience through a testimonial. That allows the consumer to show appreciation for what the agent did while allowing the agent to show what they can do in real life situations.

If you are a real estate agent, you need to market yourself on social media and using a real estate CRM platform like IXACT Contact. It is an easy, cost-effective and reliable source of leads that may be converted into clients and steady commission checks. Over time, you may build a following of thousands of people or more, which will make it easier to cement your reputation as the person to talk to when its time to buy or sell a home.