Trending For Men: Fall Fashion for 2016

Menswear for fall 2016 draws on vintage kitsch and modern shapes. The look this year is generally more relaxed: oversized pieces that play off bold colors and textures. Some looks tend toward androgynous, with silky fabrics and loose cuts, but the more masculine style of hiking boots and bomber jacket is back as well.

Metallics Make the Man
One of the biggest trends this year is metallic trims and fabrics. Some of the boldest looks feature head-to-toe futuristic silver, but also look for more subdued elements such as linings, trims, and appliques. Metal also features prominently in this season’s color palette; the must-have hues include rust and copper, dark, gunmetal grey, and a gold-washed pink that plays well with a variety of skin tones.

Everything Old is New Again
The 70s are back, baby. From the track jacket to the sweater vest, this year’s looks are definitely channeling the days of disco. Turtlenecks (or mock-turtlenecks) are foundation pieces this season; pair them with long cardigans, layered, brightly colored knits, or bomber jackets. Don’t be afraid to go for a little kitsch, either. Bright graphic t-shirts, appliques, and even tasseled accents are making bold, unapologetic statements.

Casual is the New Formal, and Vice Versa
Tailored pants are getting a makeover this year. Instead of narrow, sculpted cuts, the latest trend is for a relaxed fit almost reminiscent of track pants (also still trendy). This new styling sends dressed-up outfits into a more casual mode, well suited to the season’s long jackets and over-sized sweaters. Casual looks, on the other hand, are getting a little sharper. Structured sweatshirts and long blazers dress up that graphic T while satiny fabrics add a touch of evening-wear class to everyday looks.

Cowboys and Soldiers
Western-inspired prints are making a comeback again this fall. Plaid shirts, suede accents, and boot cut jeans are also a must, but don’t break out the bolo tie just yet: Fall 2016’s neckwear of choice is the oversized scarf. Military styling will also be popular; the perennial pea coat is getting an update with this year’s trendy metallic trims and added length that blurs the line with a greatcoat.

All about the Outerwear
This year’s coats are statement pieces: Puffy jackets in bold and metallic colors, belted duffel coats, and shaggy fur are all popular. Added length is a running theme; like the oversized sweaters and cardigans worn beneath them, coats this fall have a relaxed, almost baggy fit. Large, textured scarves and cowls mimic the turtleneck look. Top it off with a knit hat, and chunky shoes or hiking boots, which are going to be a staple this season.