Four Reasons Why Paper Shredding Services Are Extremely Secure

Ripping up papers with personal information would seem like enough. Who would be able to piece together torn up bits of bills and statements tossed out into the trash? That question answers itself in more than a few indirect ways. Tearing up paper isn’t enough. Certainly, putting the discarded documents out in the trash can prove disastrous. Professional paper shredding services are much better. Here are four strong reasons why:

1. The shredding machines absolutely render the document into little more than confetti.

The machines at a document shredding company do not “rip up” paper. The machines completely shred the documents into strips. The strips are also very small and thin ones. Attempts to piece together the strips would become a near impossible task even if the shreds were easily accessible. This brings up the next important point about document shredding companies.

2. All shredded refuse remains in a locked bin.

Accessing the shredding material becomes pretty difficult when the paper goes right into a locked bin. The bin remains locked until the time comes to discard the paper. Usually, the locked bins are taken to a destruction site where they are disposed of. Any attempt by anyone to breach the bins would be nearly impossible. The bins remain safely guarded by the shredding personnel in the store and on the transportation truck.

3. Many documents are shredded and mixed up together in the bin.

Even in the incredibly rare situation that the contents of the shred bin were compromised, scores of different shredded documents are all mixed together. Attempts to mix and match the various different pieces of shredded paper into a single legible document would take months. To even entertain such a thought would be ridiculous. While it is understandable customers worry about the security of the shredded items, many do not realize how the process works. Shredding companies perform a thorough and secure job. Those giant bins they use further add to the security and protection of disposed of documents.

4. Paper shredding is performed in a very secure location.

Identity thieves and other nefarious persons wouldn’t exactly be hanging around inside a shredding service. The premises are secure. Only trusted employees have access to anything. The shredding work is performed without any needless delays further adding to the security of the disposal.

The costs of even high-volume paper shredding services are quite reasonable. The combination of a fair price and thorough security should build confidence in all customers.