Four Factors That Affect Your Shipping Rates

Regardless of whether you intend to hire a shipping company for a major logistical need or you intend to use courier services for more localized needs soon, you understandably want to keep the costs as low as possible. There are numerous factors that could affect the cost of your courier or shipping rates. When you understand what these factors are, you can better control your expenses.

1. The Size or Weight of Your Shipping

Each courier or shipping company has its own pricing schedule regarding the sizes and weights of shipments. In some cases, the price per unit or pound may decrease for exponentially larger shipments. If you have some flexibility to combine or separate shipments to the same destination, you may consider how this step could save you money. Remember that unusually shaped packages may qualify for a higher rate because of special handling.

2. Your Timing Requirements

When you need same-day or next day courier services, you can reasonably expect to pay a premium for this service. On the other hand, if you have some flexibility with regards to your delivery date or if you plan ahead so that you do not need to rush the delivery, you could save money. A smart idea is to become familiar with different companies’ rates before an urgent need arises. By being proactive in this area, you can more easily decide which company to use for the specific need that you have at the moment.

3. Special Delivery Instructions

In some cases, you may have special delivery instructions. For example, you may need a signature when delivering an envelope through courier services, or you may need refrigerated shipping services. These extras can add onto your cost of services. While they may be necessary, you may be able to shop around to find the most affordable shipping rates that meet your needs. Remember to only request special services when they are critical if you want to save money. There are plenty of resources available at the Flagship Courier Solutions website for more information.

4. The Distance to Your Destination

Another factor that will impact your shipping rates is the distance to your intended location. You certainly cannot adjust shipping destination or the cargo’s departure point. Therefore, your best idea to save money on this aspect of your delivery cost is to compare rates. You may also consider looking for special discounts that you could qualify for. For example, if you agree to ground shipment rather than air shipment, you could save money.

Regardless of how frequent or infrequent your shipping needs are, you do not want to pay more than necessary this type of service. In some cases, it may be more affordable to use multiple shipping companies for various services. By exploring all of the options and creating a smart strategy, you can keep your expenses as low as possible.