Five Tips on Purchasing Printers and the Factors to Consider

Due to the huge variety of printers in the market today, buying business printers can be a daunting task. For this reason, many people find themselves purchasing poor quality products. However, with a good knowledge of the right printing machines acquiring quality products is made easier.

1. Know what kind of printer you want

Knowing the right kind of printer for your job is the most important aspect while purchasing printers. Additionally, it is also important to consider whether you want a black and white or at what speeds you want your papers printed. Further, it is equally important to put into consideration the type of job you need your printer to do for you. In business-oriented jobs, a colour laser printer is the best since it contains additional features such as scanner function and memory card reader.

2. Have in mind how much money you want to spend on your printer

It is necessary to have a good budget so as not to go overboard. The amount spent on purchasing a business printer should be realistic with the intended job. This is because you might end up spending too much on a printer that does not suit the kind of job it is meant to perform.

3. After careful consideration choose the right printer for you

There a several online shops offering printers at a relatively low price as compared to local printer shops. Browse for the right printer according to your analysis of best suiting printers. You might also need to research on the best brands more so on its durability function and whether it is a printer for small business or large.

4. Identify what you need your printer for before making a purchase

What do you need your printer to do for you? This is probably one of the most important question that greatly relies on your answer to determine what kind of a printer you might require. If you just need a printer to print out documents, web pages, and spreadsheets then a low-end inkjet or a laser printer is the best option. Nevertheless, if you need high quality pictures, a photo printer will be the best option. Further, in case speed is needed, you might not need color, you might want to look at faster printing laser printers. And, of course, in case you are starting a home business you might need a combination of scanners, office photocopiers, and printers, multifunction printers are the best.

5. Consider the following factors that best suits your needs

• Printer resolution – The number of dots a printer prints in a square inch measures a printer resolution capacity. For instance, if you are doing graphics and photo presentation, over 1440 dpi is the best.
• Operational cost – Different printers have different operational costs. For this reason, it is necessary to calculate the cost of replacing cartilages, papers, and toners of different brands before making a purchase.
• The speed of a printer – Speed is the determining factor in the black and white printers since it is essential especially if there are large numbers of documents involved.
• Size of printout – The size of printout is necessary in determining the size of office printers to purchase. This is because, different printers have different printer paper paths. For instance, if you are printing heavy cardboards, or non-standard papers, then choose a printer whose paper path is no shaper than 90 degrees.
• Image processing – Although image processing consumes a lot of power, choosing a printer which a higher computing horsepower and memory is important.