Factors That Affect Shipping Prices

Selecting courier services for your business requires you to be familiar with shipping prices. These costs are variable depending on some factors. Hence it of the essence for you to be careful and have relevant information on the applicable rates. Numerous factors determine how much you will pay for your small business shipping, some of which are discussed below.

Weight and Density
The structuring of freight rates is set to encompass the weight of the shipment. If you are transporting a heavier load, you will have to pay more than for a less heavy cargo. Noticeably, various aspects are used to classify shipments into groups depending on their weights and densities. For example, if you are considering sending a pelleted consignment, the weight and height of the carton as well as the dimensions of your pallet are what will determine your quote. Protrusions or overhangs will also determine the cost.

Typically, the longer the distance to the destination, the more you will pay for your shipment. Some courier services offer services restricted to a particular geographical area hence it necessary to know the region your service provider will be able to transport your cargo. If you need transportation beyond the delivery service zone of your courier, you may require transferring your load for final delivery. This transferring of shipment is interlining and may result in you paying additional charges.

Class of Freight
The contents of your shipment will significantly determine the type of transportation. Several aspects such as stow-ability, liability, value, density and handling will be used in determining the freight classification of your shipment. The lower the class, the less the rates. Higher classes are for less dense or lighter freights, which usually occupy more space. The costs of transporting goods like food will be greater than carrying clothes. Perishable goods like milk and frozen food require special packages that may attract fees. Besides, flammable and fragile commodities will have higher charges.

Your shipment may attract surcharges as well as accessorial charges if it requires specialized services by your courier service. If you need your cargo transported to a limited access location, you will be surcharged for the service. Some of the limited access areas may include prisons, storage units, churches, and schools. Other deliveries that may attract additional charges are residential delivery or pickup, inside delivery and lift gate. Depending on your carrier, they may waiver your accessorial charges or allow negotiations to a flat rate.

These determinants are just some of the numerous that will determine the cost of your shipping. To land the most efficient and effective transportation for your small business shipping, you need to research well and widely. Utilize the internet and your business friends to make an informed decision. You can find more info at the Flagship Courier Solutions Inc. website.