Benefits of Multifunction Office Printers

Multifunction office printers (MFP) offer the capabilities of multiple devices in a single unit. This device can scan, print, fax, and copy. These printers come in a wide range. Originally the devices were marketed as printers for small business users, but you can get models for medium and large business use. You can get a desktop size model as well as a workgroup-sized machine. If you want to buy an MFP for your business, it’s important to examine the advantages of the machine you have so that you get to make an informed decision. Furthermore, this is a great investment for your company so you cannot afford to make a mistake. The company should benefit from this acquisition.

Benefit #1: Convenience

A multifunction printer provides the convenience of extra features. For instance, if you rarely receive or send fax messages, you can never consider investing in a fax machine. However, when you buy a wireless laser printer which is multifunctional, you can receive or send occasional faxes without buying another device. Besides, you can scan images and print them using that machine. A colour laser printer is available in this form. This level of convenience saves you the time you would have used to buy and use two separate machines.

Benefit #2: Saving space

Space savings is another great advantage an MFP printer offers. Instead of finding space for a copier, a printer, a scanner, and a fax machine, you can have all these functionalities in a single machine. This benefit is even more important to those working with major space constraints, whether at home or in an office.

Benefit #3: Less costly

Another advantage of a multifunctional office printer is that you will save money when you buy a single device that can perform numerous functions. The buying price of an all-in-one printer exceeds the one of a traditional printer, but it’s less than the cost incurred when buying separate machines. This means you will benefit from increased functionality and fail to pay for each feature. Moreover, it costs less to maintain one device than multiple devices.

Benefit #4: Reduced waste

An MFP uses one set of consumable supplies to function. The same toner cartridges offer copied, printed, scanned, and faxed pages. You no longer have to stock up on consumables for various brands and technology models.

Benefit #5: Saving power

Multifunction office printers typically need one cord to power the device. This lowers the electricity consumption needed to run the equipment leading to increased cost savings. One wire also reduces cable congestion meaning your office will be very neat.